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Plagiarism Prevention and Citing Sources: Reference Management and Plagiarism Prevention Tools

Reference Management and Plagiarism Prevention Tools

Reference Management Tools are web-based software that help you to store, organize and share bibliographic information. The Academy Libraries provides the following for staff and students' use. Plagiarism detection software helps to identify suspected plagiarized works and can be used as a tool to build bibliography, format citations and check whether citations have been properly included in assignments.

Title Description
Academic Writer Designed to support teaching and learning of academic writing in APA style, it features full integration of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association® and hundreds of learning objects, including instructional videos, quizzes, samples, and more.
RefWorks A web-based software that helps you to store, organize and share bibliographic information. There are two add-ons downloadable on different versions of Microsoft Word to facilitate formatting in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies in any style of your choice, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and more.
VeriGuide A text similarity detection system which helps to promote academic honesty.


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