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Copyright in Teaching & Learning at HKAPA

Licensing Agreement with Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society (HKRRLS)

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts has signed a license agreement with the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society (HKRRLS) for copying printed copyright works for teaching purposes. The Agreement grants the Academy the rights to reproduce materials licensed by HKRRLS for preparation of Course Packs for the postgraduate, undergraduate and post-secondary programmes of the Academy subject to the terms and conditions set out by the Agreement. Written request can be made if lecturer request to photocopy licensed materials in excess of the limits set out in clauses 3.2(e) and 3.3 of the Licence Agreement.   

Copying in the Library

Copying Copyrighted Materials

Copyright law should be strictly observed by all users when reproducing library materials in any material form, whether by photocopying, scanning or any electronic means, and storing the work in any medium.  Users are reminded to observe the Warning to Users of Copying Devices and make sure they are not infringing the legal restrictions when making physical or digital copies of copyrighted works.

If a user violates any legal restrictions on copying of copyrighted materials, the user shall be liable for any claims, liabilities, costs and damages that the Academy may suffer as a result of his/her infringement on an indemnity basis. In case of doubt, please check the Copyright Ordinance (Cap 528).

Copyright Licensing Bodies

Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH)
A copyright society in Hong Kong established in 1977 which aims to administer and enforce collectively the rights of composers and authors of musical works subsisting under the copyright law of HKSAR.

Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society
Established in 1995 by Hong Kong authors and publishers to license public access to their copyright works. The Society now represents millions of publications published in Hong Kong and overseas, via its affiliation with the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO).

Hong Kong Copyright Licensing Association
Principal members of the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong founded the Hong Kong Copyright Licensing Association (HKCLA) in October 2001. This company offers a one-stop collective licensing scheme for photocopying of newspapers.

Phonographic Performance (South East Asia) Limited
PPSEAL is authorized by members of IFPIHKG to grant licenses for the public performance and broadcasting of their musical sound recordings, music videos and/or karaoke videos owned by or licensed to them.

Government Departments in relation to Copyright and Intellectual Property

Customs and Excise Department, HKSAR
A government body to protect against smuggling, to protect and collect revenue on dutiable goods and to protect intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR
It serves as the focal point for intellectual property policy, law and acquisition and public education on intellectual property protection. It provides expert policy advice to the Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau and legal advice to other government departments on intellectual property. It comments on draft intellectual property bills. It operates the registries of trade marks, patents and designs. It is also responsible for registration of copyright licensing bodies.