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Subject Guide - Theatre and Entertainment Arts

Digital Resources

The Library maintains two digital collections to preserve the archival resources and to facilitate the search and retrieval of sound effect files, respectively. A user guide on the use of the Digital Resources is available.

HKAPA Digital

With the launch of the Digital Performing Arts Repository (DPAR) in 2013, selected items from the Academy Archive have been digitalised and kept in DPAR for preservation and reference purposes.  They include the Academy's productions, publications, theses and local performing arts resources in the format of text, images, audios, videos, etc.


The Library has migrated all items from DPAR to the new platform HKAPA Digital since 2020 for enhanced search experience and unified resources management.


AudioMiner is an online digital audio collection offering about 282,270 sound effects files and 45,300 production music tracks for use in Academy productions.  It also offers 5.1 surround sound effects libraries to meet the requirements of HD productions. Users can search by different criteria to find the right sound or music tracks.


In 2018, a collection of sound effect files of local ambiance created by the students and teachers of the School of the Film and Television has been added into the AudioMiner for the use of Academy staff and students.


In 2021, the Library has subscribed to a web-based sound effect platform, Pro Sound Effects ®which provides access to 357,000 sound files.  Many of these files can be found in AudioMiner.  



Pro Sound Effects

Graduate Profiles

Graduate Profiles

Graduate Profiles started in 2017 with School of Drama as a pilot project aiming to showcase our graduates’ accomplishments during their years of studies in the Academy.

It now covers graduates from the School of Drama, School of Dance and School of Theatre & Entertainment Arts. Their participation in different performances in the Academy, awards and scholarships received are listed in chronological order. In addition to photos and videos provided by the students, there are embedded links to view their works in the HKAPA Digital.

Graduate Profiles will be compiled for more Schools in the coming year. Please watch out for the latest update.