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Digital Resources

The Academy Libraries maintains two platforms of Digital Resources namely: AudioMiner & HKAPA Digital. There are different ways to access them.

1. From the Library Homepage > Collections & Resources> Digital Collections. You can choose to use AudioMiner or HKAPA Digital

2. Also from the Library Homepage, AudioMiner and HKAPA Digital can be found under Quick Links.

3. Go to Primo@Lib, HKAPA Digital is one of the tabs of which you can choose from.

4. All digital files are searchable in Primo@Lib.


The Libraries maintains a collection of sound effect and production music CDs on AudioMiner: a web server for users to search, sample and download audio files for synchronization into their work for education use.

AudioMiner now provides access to 282,270 sound effect files and 45,300 production music tracks.

Remarks: On-campus access only


HKAPA Digital

HKAPA Digital, a digital repository developed by the Library, consists of different types of materials produced by the Academy and the Academy community. The Special Collections presents the invaluable collections acquired from other sources while the Local Performing Arts Resources Collection presents the materials collected from local artists and art groups. The HKAPA Digital search platform is open to the public but not all digital contents are available for open access due to copyright restriction. Click on any collection title below to find out more.

Collection Description

Contains the materials of the past productions and concerts of the Academy and different Schools, including play scripts, performance videos, sound recordings, photos, house programmes and production files, dating back to 1985.

Consists of the publications of the Academy and the Library, such as annual reports, newsletters, library publications and more, providing valuable insights in the historical development of the Academy and the Library.

Includes newspaper clippings, slides, the invaluable Ernest Read Orchestral Collection and Tom Skelton's Draftings.

Presents the theses and dissertations of the Academy’s postgraduate students and the graduation projects prepared by undergraduate students. 

Contains the performing arts resources collected from local artists and art groups in different formats, such as play scripts, performance videos and house programmes.

Presents the people and past events of the Academy in programme booklets, photos or videos.

Contains webinar series held by the HKAPA and online teaching process materials.

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