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Quick Guide

1. Enter your Academy ID and password to log in. AudioMiner can only be accessed on campus through the campus network.
2. Enter the keyword in the search box. You can also select the sources of audio files from which to perform the search.
3. Preview or download the WAV file or MP3 file from the search result. 

You can create a playlist to add the files to the playlist.


Batch downloads from playlists are allowed.


You can also send the playlists by email.

Permissible Use

All audio files held in AudioMiner are licensed for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for synchronization into works for educational purpose.

Members of the Academy have been granted the right to synchronise any audio content from AudioMiner with audio and visual productions, and applications for educational use. Making copies and excessive copying or downloading of any unsynchronised recordings from AudioMiner are strictly forbidden. Stipulated by most of the music publishers, members are advised to submit completed ‘cue sheet’ to the music publisher concerned or Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd when music is used for live performance. As required by Noisy Neighbour, please use the cue sheet provided.

Please read license agreements posted on the Homepage of AudioMiner carefully and clear all copyright issues if you wish to use the audio content other than educational use permitted above. Or else, you will be liable on an indemnity basis for any claims, liabilities, costs and damages the Academy Libraries may suffer as a result of abuse the use of any audio content from AudioMiner.