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Subject Guide - Theatre and Entertainment Arts

Finding Print and Physical Items

To search for print / physical materials, refine your results by specifying the "Availability" or the "Resource Type" listed on the right. 




Finding Playscripts and other Resources

The Library makes a lot of effort in collecting local and translated playscripts for our collection. If you know of any that you think the library should collect, please send your recommendations to "Suggest a Purchase".

To find playscripts, you can search by play title or author, or the keyword "playscripts".

You can further limit the language to "Chinese" to find the Chinese playscripts.

Combine "Subject" containing "Drama" and "Translations into Chinese" but not "Operas, Chinese" to find plays translated into Chinese.

Other related subject headings include the following:

  • Children's plays
  • One-act plays
  • Tragedy
  • Comedy

For plays of different origins, you can search using:

  • American drama
  • English drama
  • French drama
  • German drama
  • Greek drama
  • Italian drama
  • Japanese drama
  • Russian drama

To find past performances of the School of Drama, use Advanced Search:


To find videos of past performances, use Advanced Search



Author/Creator =

  • 香港演藝學院 戲劇學院
  • & Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Drama
  • and Location = AV - CF AV-DVD

To find dissertations of the Academy, use Advanced Search:

To find dissertations of the School of Drama, use Advanced Search: