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Seminar Room Booking System: Home

Quick Guide

The Library Seminar Rooms are purpose built for members of the Academy to meet for collaborative learning. Students and Staff with valid Academy ID Card can place online booking for using the rooms. Each room provides different multimedia equipment and there are other accessories available for loan, for details, please refer to Facilities in Seminar Room.

Room A Room B Room C
Room Capacity: 12 Room Capacity: 6 Room Capacity: 6

Seminar Room Booking

Booking Policies

Booking Policies of Library Seminar Room are as follows:

  1. Each session lasts for 30 minutes.
  2. Each eligible user can reserve a maximum of 4 consecutive sessions in one booking.
  3. Each eligible user can place 1 booking of any room per day and no more than 2 bookings per week. 

For details, please refer to Guidelines on the Use of Seminar Rooms in the Library.

General Enquiries


  2584-8524 (Mon-Fri 14:00 -18:00)