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Library Guide - Academy Graduates and Other Library Borrowing Card Holders: Going Online

Going Online

Wi-Fi Coverage

The Academy Library and the Film and Television Library are covered by wireless network for users to access information on the Internet. When you visit the Academy, you can connect to Wi-Fi.HK via HKAPA which provides basic Wi-Fi access. No advanced registration is required but restrictions apply.

Library Website

Information about the Academy Libraries and links to resources are posted in the Library Website.  It not only provides users with general library information, news about library activities, new additions, and library workshops but also connects users to the library resources and services.

Library Guides

Library Guides on cloud-based LibGuides platform aim to help you make the most of the library and information resources and services. Some are Subject Guides that provide subject-specific information and links to lists of books, journals and electronic resources. Others are how-to guides that provide step-by-step directions on using library facilities. You will find them particularly useful when you are working from home.

Electronic Resources

The Library subscribes to many electronic resources related to performing arts. There are different ways to access them. 

1. Go to Primo@Lib

  • Select Library Catalogue+ from the pull down menu on the right hand side of the search bar.
  • Enter keywords to search,
  • You can then filter the search results with suggested fields, e.g. Resource Type = Article or Journal Article.

2. From the Library Homepage

  • Click Database A-Z under the Search Box

3. Go to the Library Homepage.

Login is not required if you access them on campus. Remote access is not available due to license restriction except open resources which are specified in the Database A-Z List.

Digital Resources

HKAPA Digital

With the launch of the Digital Performing Arts Repository (DPAR) in 2013, selected items from the Academy Archive  have been digitalised and kept in DPAR for ease of reference.  It consists of documents, images, audios and videos of the Academy's productions, publications, theses and local performing arts resources.

The Library has migrated most items from DPAR to the new platform HKAPA Digital for enhanced search experience and unified resources management. Not all materials inside HKAPA Digital can be viewed by all. Login is required when accessing restricted information.