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In Books We Find Psychology in Performing Arts 書中自有表演藝術的心理學: Home

In Books We Find Psychology in Performing Arts 書中自有表演藝術的心理學

Has it ever occurred to you that psychology can be applied to different disciplines of performing various? For example, how do playwrights create such captivating scripts; how do actors prepare their mind to embody their characters; and how do stage designers create more sophisticated stage effects etc. The Library has compiled lists of books and online resources to help you understand psychology and enhance your artistic senses.

你有沒有想過,心理學其實可以應用於不同的演藝範疇?例如,劇作家如何把劇本寫得細膩入肉;演員如何調整自己心態,更加代入角色;而舞台設計師又如何設計出富有感染力的舞台效果等等。 圖書館精選了一系列書籍及網上資源,帶你瞭解心理學,助你提升藝術表達能力!

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What is Psychology 什麼是心理學