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In Books We Find Personal Branding 書中自有打造個人品牌: Home

In Books We Find Personal Branding 書中自有打造個人品牌

Have you heard of “Personal Branding”? It now plays a crucial role in helping you to find your dream job. The Library has compiled a list of books and online resources to guide you how to showcase your unique skills, qualifications, and experience. Brand yourself to unlock a world of new opportunities.


Display in the Academy Library until 19 Apr 2024

Personal Branding Basic 打造個人品牌入門

Reference items:

Develop your personal image 建立個人形象 

Reference items:

Show what you can offer 展示你能提供的東西 

Reference items:

Professional networking 建立專業領域的人際網 

Reference items: