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In Books We Find a Good Night's Sleep 書中自有一夜好眠: Home

In Books We Find a Good Night's Sleep 書中自有一夜好眠

Do you often find yourself battling with works and spending unimaginably long hours on campus with only a few hours of precious sleeping time left? Getting a good night’s sleep is critical at this point. The Library has compiled a list of books and online resources to help you learn more about improving your sleep quality and combating sleep deprivation. Don't put it off any longer, check out the Library's resources and get a good night’s sleep to improve your health and performance in whatever you do.

是否因經常要長時間留守校園日夜奮戰,每每只剩下幾個小時的寶貴睡眠時間?那麼,一夜好眠對你來說就至關重要。 圖書館精選了一系列書籍及網上資源,幫助你了解如何提升睡眠質素及對付睡眠不足。不要遲疑,趕快查看認識更多,早日睡好,活得更健康!

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Understand Sleeping 認識睡眠

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