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Embedding Video Resources in Canvas: Home


The Library has acquired different online resources to support teaching and learning.  You may include them in your Canvas course pages for students’ direct online access.  Instead of copy and paste of their relevant web links, some online databases allow users to directly embed particular video clips to Canvas through LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) integration.  This Library Guide will tell you how to embed and which databases allow such integration.

Embedding Video Resources in Canvas

In the Canvas Rich Content Editor, you can find LTI Applications set up for the following e-Resources of online videos:

  • Alexander Street Videos
  • Films on Demand

Click the "App" icon to discover the available LTI applications for use. If the applications are not shown on the list, you may click "View All" to see all LTI applications. Then, choose the desired application.

Video Resources from Films on Demand

Once you select "Films on Demand", you can search for content within and choose the desired video to embed. For example, you can select "Monet: The Impressionist" with Tim Marlow, click the 'Embed' button, and then you will be prompted to choose the size of the video to be embedded.

Once you have decided on the size, the video will be embedded, then click "Save".

Online Videos from Alexander Street Press Databases

Just like "Films on Demand," you can select "Embed Alexander Street content" from the dropdown menu. For a list of "My Institution's Content," please refer to "My Collections" in the Alexander Street Press Databases.

When searching for "monet water lily" in the search bar, you can select videos from the search results for embedding, such as "Sister Wendy's Story of Painting."

Please select the size of the video to be embedded, then click "Save".

Viewing of Video Resources in Canvas

Students can play the video anywhere once they log into Canvas.

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