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Requesting ebook titles through Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) program: Home

Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA)

The Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) program provides over 70,000 eBook titles for search on Primo@Lib and instant preview for a limited period of time. Users can send recommendations to the Library directly for those titles of their choice or interest.



Browse DDA titles - ProQuest Ebook Central

(1) Browse all ebook titles via ProQuest Ebook Central hoempage.


(2) Ebook titles under the DDA programme will mark as "Available on request".


(3) To preview and request DDA ebook titles, please follow steps in "How to request ebook titles".

Browse DDA titles - Primo@Lib

(1) Enter Keywords to perform search in Primo@Lib.



(2) Click to view record detail from your result list.


(3) If the title is under DDA program, a public note will be shown. Click to access titles in "ProQuest Ebook Central'. To request DDA ebook titles, please follow steps in "How to request ebook titles".


How to request ebook titles?

(1) For a title under the DDA programme, you can click "Read Online" and access full text for up to 5 minutes.


(2) At this point, copy, print and chapter download functions are not available.


(3) Click "Request" to send purchase recommendations directly to the Library for the titles of your choice or interest.


(4) You need to create a personal account for book requests. If you already have one, please go to step 7.


(5) Input your name, email and password to create an account.


(6) Sign in with your email and password.


(7) Input your contact information.


(9) You will be confirmed you have submitted your request successfully.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at or check out

Contact the Library

General Enquiries


  2584-8524 (Mon-Fri 14:00 -18:00)