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In Books we find Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Rights 書中自有版權法與知識產權: Home

Copyright and Intellectual Property Law 版權與知識產權

The Library has received many questions and enquiries regarding copyright in different aspects over the past few years that prompted us to organize the Webinar on Copyright in early January 2021 and to invite Prof Alice Lee of HKU Faculty of Law as the speaker. Not only did the participants find the Webinar relevant, some who could not attend also find the video recording of the Webinar very useful. Many have expressed their interest in finding out more about the topic.

In view of this, the Library has selected some printed and e-books related to "Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights" for your reference. You may also view "The Copyright Classroom series" prepared by Prof Lee to learn more about the copyright law and intellectual property rights in Hong Kong.


因此圖書館精選了一些與版權法及知識產權相關的紙本及電子書,可供借閱或線上閱讀。讀者亦可在網上重温李教授精心泡製的The Copyright Classroom以了解更多。


You may search with keywords for other related books in the Library:


Trailer – Library Webinar on Copyright Essentials for Teaching & Learning

The Copyright Classroom

More videos on copyright can be found in: The Copyright Classroom - HKU