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In Books We Find Amusing Cantonese 書中自有粵讀粵有趣: Home

In Books We Find Cantonese 書中自有粵讀粵有趣

Cantonese, spoken by most people in Hong Kong, is not easy to learn. However, Cantonese can be very interesting. In this thematic display, we will introduce books on learning Cantonese and related cultural knowledge. You may be able to learn some useful words and phrases for ordering food and beverages in local restaurants and to know the meanings of funny Cantonese slangs and idiomatic expression.


Quiz 考考你

Did you know the meaning of the following Cantonese slangs?

Display in the Academy Library until 31 Jan 2022

Open resources: Cantonese dictionary 網上資源: 粵語字典

粵語審音配詞字庫 - 香港中文大學(人文電算研究中心)
Cantonese pronunciation dictionary with homonyms.

Cantonese-to-English dictionary with example sentences.
粵文庫部份,內有各種文章例如《140句 廣東話 歇後語》《廣東話 正字 列表》《連登錯別字大全》等等。

An open-source Cantonese-to-English dictionary.

An open-source Cantonese-to-English dictionary. This dictionary is a collaborative project that are maintained by a team of volunteers from around the world. You may also join the CantoDict Forum.

Open resources: programme 網上資源: 節目

RTHK 香港電台節目 - 日新粵異: 粵語文化的前世今生與未來