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Embedding Video Resources in Canvas

Embedding Video Resources from Bloom's Literature

New LTI Application for Library's online resources has also been set up for "Bloom's Literature". From the pull down menu of "More External Tools", you can find "Bloom's Literature":

Once you select "Bloom's Literature", you can search for different content with keyword, for example: "hamlet',

You will be presented to a list of results and you can filter by format:

If you choose "Videos", you can then either "Preview" the video and "Embed" it. The second entry from the list "Discovering Hamlet" is selected.

Click "Save" and the video will be embedded for viewing.


Embedding Other Resources from Bloom's Literature

Likewise, you can select "Article" or "Image" to limit the results and then decide the size of embeddment.

Selecting the third entry on the list and 'Embed Small' will mean the box of the article will take up about half of the screen.

Whereas if you choose "Embed Medium", the box of the article will take up more of the screen. Whichever size you choose to embed, the entire article will be embedded and you can scroll down to see the rest of the article.
Likewise, you can search for "Costume" and filter by "Images', in this case one of the costume design for King Lear is embedded for viewing: