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VeriGuide for Teachers: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do I have to wait to see the originality report?
The originality report will be generated in 24 hours after the deadline set by the users. After submission, the assignment will be processed for internet checking on the next day after submission. It will be scheduled to check against the past submissions within the Academy. Generally staff and students should check the report on the next day or after, in the peak submission season like semester ends, the checking times will be longer. 
VeriGuide also recommends teachers to view the student submissions reports after deadline to wait for all students' submissions. The checking results will be the most "accurate" as we consider to view all submissions from the whole class point of view.
2. How can I receive the originality report? Will they be sent to me by email?
The originality report is generated from the VeriGuide System and will NOT be automatically emailed to staff and students. Users have to login to VeriGuide System to check.
3. Can students submit the assignment after the deadline?

Yes, students can still submit assignment after the deadline. The deadline information has basically no effect on the checking results.  Normally the checking should finish, and the results will become stable after a few days the submission was submitted no matter what the deadline is set.

4. Can I upload my PowerPoint to the VeriGuide for checking plagiarism?

Yes, VeriGuide supports different formats, such as Microsoft Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), HTML web document (.html), Plain Text (.txt) and Zip file. The file size should not exceed 20 MB.

5. What sources does VeriGuide use for checking plagiarism?

Students’ assignments within the Academy, past submissions, and internet resources.

6. I cannot upload my assignment successfully and there is a file error occurs. What can I do? Can I submit again my assignment several times and will it count for plagiarism?

If the student encounters file error in processing the submission, in general VeriGuide will suggest students to convert the file into another format, like PDF, and submit again. This usually can solve the problem. If the assignment is submitted by the same student, it will not be counted as plagiarism, however, the student should properly input the same course information, assignment marker and assignment number.

7. I am the course coordinator and would like to view the course/report of another lecturer.
If staff wants to perform the course/report sharing function, the request user has to fill in a report sharing form to get the approval from their Dean/Department Head.


8.  The assignments have been submitted for a few days but the status still checking.
If there is similarity shown on the screen, that means the VeriGuide has completed the essential checking of the submission, if you click “View Details” you can see the Originality Report. The status “Checking” in below means the system will update the checking by including the “future submissions” submitted after the concerned submission. 


9.  I encountered login problem of VeriGuide.
Open a browser from google chrome, click on the menu icon (three dots) in the top right-hand corner, from the menu that opens, click on “New incognito window”, login with your VeriGuide account using Academy email and password.

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