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VeriGuide for Students: About VeriGuide

About VeriGuide

What is VeriGuide

VeriGuide is a plagiarism detection software which helps to identify suspected plagiarised works and can be used as a tool to check whether citations have been properly included in assignments.

“VeriGuide is a computer system that allows users to analyze their documents and manage their submissions. Detailed statistical reports with originality percentage and readability grading will be generated to users. VeriGuide aims to promote academic integrity with VeriGuide's similarity detection capabilities. It is the first automatic English and Chinese similarity detection system in the world. We match various formats of submitted files within the submission, with past submissions, internet resources and other provided databases. Originality reports will be generated to help teachers and students to review.” - VeriGuide online brochure


VeriGuide is a web-based application that can be accessed anywhere and anytime over the internet.

Assignment Collection
VeriGuide can act as an assignment collection system and maintain assignment databases for institutions.

Support Traditional and Simplified Chinese
VeriGuide supports the text similarity detection of both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese in additional to English.

Readability Assessment
VeriGuide’s readability feature in both English and Traditional Chinese shows the level of complexity of the essay for assessment.

Support Common Document Formats
We support electronic submissions of various file formats such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe PDF, etc.

Detailed Originality and Statistical Reports
Originality report combines of similarity and readability statistics, blockbased charts, side-by-side comparison, etc.

Side-by-side Comparison
Submitted content and the original content are displayed side-by-side with suspected plagiarized content highlighted.

Source of information: VeriGuide online brochure


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