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In Books We Find Streets of Hong Kong 書中自有呢道 ‧ 嗰道: Home

In Books We Find Streets of Hong Kong 呢道 ‧ 嗰道

In Books We Find the Streets of Hong Kong

Have you ever found yourself wondering where to go on the weekends? Staying in a small city like Hong Kong can still be fun. Explore the streets and alleys and discover the hidden stories about the streets and the areas. The Library has prepared a map to lead you through the streets of Hong Kong. You can also read about origins of street names and stories about the places from the list of the books at the following link.



Display in the Academy Library until 30 Nov 2021

You can remove the signs to see the answer!


Did you know

Map of In Books We Find Streets 書中街道地圖

The Library has picked some interesting contents from selected books of this Thematic Display, and indicated them on the Google Map below. Feel free to explore the map and check out the books if you are interested.



Click or scan the QR code below to view the Google Map on your mobile phone.

Thematic Display 202110 - Google Map QR code

Open resources 網上資源

In addition to library resources, there are other websites providing similar information. The following map provides photos of street signs in Hong Kong (Courtesy of the Hong Kong Study Circle).


以下地圖由香港歷史研究社 ( | Facebook ) 建立。記錄了全港各區的T型街牌位置和照片。