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Using Primo@Lib to Format Citations

Using Primo@Lib to Format Citations

Users can use Primo@Lib to help format the citations for the resources found in the platform. Primo@Lib supports the following citation styles:

  • APA (6th edition)
  • Chicago/Turabian (16th edition)
  • Harvard, MLA (7th edition)
  • MLA (8th edition)

Citation Function

The Citation function on the Brief and Full Display pages allows users to create citations for records using a specific citation style. To create a citation, specify a citation style in the left panel (APA, Chicago, MLA, or Harvard) and then select [Copy Citation to Clipboard].
You can then paste the citation to your document. 


Citation of e-Resources

You can select other library resources in different formats, e.g. e-journal articles


Include Citations in Your Work

Before including the citations in your work, you are recommended to check the accuracy and edit the citations by referring to the relevant citation style manual.

  Dunkley, C., & Stanton, M. (2014). Teaching clients to use mindfulness skills : a practical guide . Routledge.

  Simone J. Ross, Kimberley Owens, Andrew Roberts, Ernest Jennings, & Martina Mylrea. (2020). Mindfulness Training: Success in Reducing First Year Health Professional Students’ Study and Exam Related Stress. Health Professions Education, 6(2), 162–169.

You can also cross check the bibliography with the ones created with RefWorks: